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Precinct H Town Meeting Members

Candidates for Town Meeting from Precinct H

Each candidate for Town Meeting Member was asked to respond to the following question in 300 characters or less: What are the 3 highest priority issues facing the town? The candidates provided all responses; no editing was done by the LWVN except for style consistency.

Candidates are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot: Incumbents appear first, alphabetically, then new candidates are listed alphabetically.

TOWN MEETING MEMBER (for 3 years) Vote for 8

JULIA SATTI COSENTINO, 265 Great Plain Avenue (Candidate for re-election)
(1) Smart Development in our business district and neighborhoods; (2) Strategic Investment to maintain a first-in-class school system; and (3) Community Building efforts, particularly to increase senior center programming and to provide spaces and activities geared toward our teens.

MICHAEL C. KARDOK, 55 Berkshire Road (Candidate for re-election)
No response received.

NANCY E. MCCARTHY, 29 Sterling Road (Candidate for re-election)
No response received.

MARK MCDONOUGH, 173 Fairfield Street (Candidate for re-election)
No response received.

TERENCE P. NOONAN, 125 Broadmeadow Road (Candidate for re-election)
No response received.

PETER R. OLIVE, 133 Thornton Road (Candidate for re-election)
No response received.

HARMONY H. WU, 99 Fairfield Street (Candidate for re-election)
No response received.

RICHARD A. ZIMBONE, 10 Woodbury Drive (Candidate for re-election)
Develop a prudent financial plan for new capital projects scheduled over the next 5 - 7 yrs.
Implement full day kindergarten without requiring an Operating Override
Position the Town to address the impact of federal budget cuts and future interest rate increases resulting from action by the Fed

TOWN MEETING MEMBER (for 1 year) Vote for 1

The priorities are responsibly managing development, ensuring the success of local businesses and schools, and considering the environmental repercussions of our town decisions.These priorities require short and long term perspectives. I look forward to working with other residents to address them.

Visit the Town's website for a current list of Town Meeting Members.