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Precinct G Town Meeting Members

Candidates for Town Meeting from Precinct G

Each candidate for Town Meeting Member was asked to respond to the following question in 300 characters or less: What are the 3 highest priority issues facing the town? The candidates provided all responses; no editing was done by the LWVN except for style consistency.

Candidates are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot: Incumbents appear first, alphabetically, then new candidates are listed alphabetically.

TOWN MEETING MEMBER (for 3 years) Vote for 8

PAUL H. ATTRIDGE, 59 Powers Street (Candidate for re-election)
Permitting seniors to remain as residents. Continue to control drug use by young people. Control tear-downs by realistic zoning changes. I am proud to have contributed to our well run Town during my 53 years as a Town Meeting member, and hope to continue this service for another three years.

JULIA C. H. BLAKE, 763 Great Plain Avenue (Candidate for re-election)
My priorities are to (1) support our high performing school system by helping it to grow and improve, including meeting space needs, particularly at the high school, (2) complete upcoming projects in a fiscally responsible manner, and (3) address zoning issues related to new construction.

RICHARD DEMEIS, 126 Powers Street (Candidate for re-election)
May's Town Meeting will be voting on zoning restrictions to further regulate the size and character of teardown home construction. Passage is a high priority to check the trend of oversized houses in our neighborhoods. Ask your TM candidates their position and if affiliated with a builder/realtor.

ROBERT J. DERMODY, 162 Fair Oaks Park (Candidate for re-election)
1. Education; school funding, facilities, safety, etc.
2. Taxes; maintaining high level of town services
3. Sustainability; open/green spaces, energy reduction

GEORGINA Y. KEYES, 261 Manning Street (Candidate for re-election)
No response received.

ANDREW J. PITTMAN, 75 Prince Street (Candidate for re-election)
No response received.

ROBERT T. SMART, JR., 25 Mayo Avenue (Candidate for re-election)
(1) making sure that any zoning by-law amendments are clearly worded, so as not to create unintended adverse consequences, (2) establish a priority list of capital budget items, and publicize it, (3) continue to negotiate sensible collective bargaining agreements.

CATHERINE REID DOWD, 778 Great Plain Avenue
Education, economic development, and housing are highest priority. Our schools are the pride of the town, and we must maintain modern facilities and reasonable class sizes. We need to revitalize Needham Center, attract tax-paying business, build more affordable housing, and pursue smart development.

HEIDI R. FRAIL, 29 Powers Street
The three highest priorities facing Needham are maintaining and increasing levels of economic and social diversity, maintaining strong schools, and planning responsible residential and commercial growth.

SALLY ANN THERAN, 121 Grant Street
I am an educator, psychologist, and mother. I am actively involved with our elementary school, and am a board member of Citizens for Needham Schools. The three highest priority issues: 1) Eversource West Roxbury Needham Reliability Project , 2) Support Schools, 3) Large House Review Study Committee.

TOWN MEETING MEMBER (for 1 year) Vote for 1

DAVID DIRKS, 674 Webster Street
- Supporting our schools and planning for long term needs in a strategic manner
- Ensuring that new zoning retains the town's suburban character and open space
- Increasing transparency in town government and encouraging collaboration among departments to use our resources cost effectively

JAMES A. GOLDSTEIN, 40 Coolidge Avenue
Maintain adequate funding for Needham schools to ensure continued excellence and meet increasing demands
Provide housing options that meet a diverse range of needs, including elders & moderate income families
Maintain and enhance Needham's open space & recreation facilities for all ages & abilities

Visit the Town's website for a current list of Town Meeting Members.