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Precinct F Town Meeting Members

Candidates for Town Meeting from Precinct F

Each candidate for Town Meeting Member was asked to respond to the following question in 300 characters or less: What are the 3 highest priority issues facing the town? The candidates provided all responses; no editing was done by the LWVN except for style consistency.

Candidates are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot: Incumbents appear first, alphabetically, then new candidates are listed alphabetically.

TOWN MEETING MEMBER (for 3 years) Vote for 8

LAWRENCE J. COHEN, 77 Warren Street (Candidate for re-election)
No response received.

ROCHELLE E. GOLDIN, 68 Warren Street (Candidate for re-election)
Maintaining the sense of community in Needham. The environment. Schools

JOHN P. KIRK, 100 Warren Street (Candidate for re-election)
No response received.

MARY ANNE MACMAHON, 89 Warren Street (Candidate for re-election)
No response received.

MICHAEL MCKAY, 31 Gage Street (Candidate for re-election)
No response received.

DOUG H. FOX, 43 Marked Tree Road
> Teardowns - The pace of teardowns/construction of McMansions is negatively impacting our aesthetic.
> Gentrification -We need to keep Needham affordable to attract more diversity.
> Citizens First - More surveys of citizen sentiment so elected officials can make decisions informed on data.

KARA L. HOLMQUIST, 286 Rosemary Street
To ensure: 1)schools have the capacity to meet student growth; 2)passive and active recreational opportunities, including the Rosemary Complex; and 3)well-planned new construction. I see balancing growth with ensuring the Town's uniqueness, inclusiveness, and community as overall priorities.

ADAM S. ZAFF, 134 Damon Road
1. Zoning regulations for residences are the biggest issue for Needham. We need to have regulations in place that make sense for the lot size. However, we do not want to discourage developers from building new homes.
2. Financing the new Rosemary Street Swimming Pool.
3. Road maintenance.

Visit the Town's website for a current list of Town Meeting Members.