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Precinct C Town Meeting Members

Candidates for Town Meeting from Precinct C

Each candidate for Town Meeting Member was asked to respond to the following question in 300 characters or less: What are the 3 highest priority issues facing the town? The candidates provided all responses; no editing was done by the LWVN except for style consistency.

Candidates are listed in the order they will appear on the ballot: Incumbents appear first, alphabetically, then new candidates are listed alphabetically.

TOWN MEETING MEMBER (for 3 years) Vote for 8

PETER A. ALPERT, 108 Locust Lane (Candidate for re-election)
No response received.

BRUCE S. BARNETT, 249 Marked Tree Road (Candidate for re-election)
No response received.

PAULA R. CALLANAN, 1699 Great Plain Avenue (Candidate for re-election)
1. Funding requests for town projects-schools, Rosemary Pool, town buildings, infrastructure.
2. Big House Review/Zoning.
3. Medical Marjuana Dispensaries.

MARK J. GLUESING, 48 Mackintosh Avenue (Candidate for re-election)
No response received.

CARL J. LUEDERS, 34 Whitman Road (Candidate for re-election)
No response received.

JAMES D. MASTERMAN, 53 Canavan Circle (Candidate for re-election)
Fiscal restraint; road conditions; school facilities.

LOUISE L. MILLER, 5 North Hill Avenue (Candidate for re-election)
Completing planned building projects in a financially sound and aesthetically pleasing manner; addressing school and recreational needs in a timely and efficient way; meeting the increased demands on Town finances and infrastructure while maintaining affordability for young adults and seniors.

WILLIAM RAY COOK, 1332 Great Plain Avenue
As a new transplant: Transportation, Roads/Traffic, Community Groups. Without a car, access to/from Boston is solely dependent on public transportation, especially weekends/Sundays. Traffic between Linden St and Dedham Ave is chaotic. Involvement groups seem scarce. Let's voice/address improvements.

REBECCA WABER, 15 Powder House Circle
I believe in overcoming disagreement by promoting authentic dialogue. As a town we have issues to resolve related to the growth of new businesses, to the strains on our schools as the town grows, and in regards to housing. Coming together we can made Needham a town we are all even more proud of.

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